My name is Sean McLoughlin.

I am a design verification engineer at Ampere Computing in Portland, OR. Previously I worked at Intel, where I worked on Intel’s 11th-gen SOCs and designed several software tools to aid in DV efficiency.

I have experience with Synopsys and Cadence EDA tools to assist with DV, such as VCS and Verdi, as well as extensive experience writing testbenches with UVM in SystemVerilog.

I also have extensive experience writing C++, Python, and Rust software, both in industry and as open-source software.

I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2018.


I’ve documented several things I’m working on at the present moment.

I’ve also documented several things I’d like to work on in the future.


The internet is full of software development blog posts, but there is hardly anyone posting about the work done in the semiconductor industry. With that said, my goals for this blog are to:

  • Create content about the work done in the industry with easily digestable language.
  • Encourage other hardware designers, validators, etc. to start writing themselves.
  • Create platform where I can put my thoughts (technical or not) into writing to propogate ideas for others to act on.
  • Improve my own writing skills.

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